Discover What Coaching Can Do For You

It’s important that the client feels there is a connection with their coach before committing to a course of coaching sessions. Therefore IMPACT C/M provide personal clients with an initial consultation and example coaching session free of charge. 



Coaching is perfect for companies that are not only looking to boost performance, but build a culture of success and to recognise and develop effective leaders for the company’s future.

One 2 One Coaching

Ideal for individuals purchasing their own coaching. A flexible coaching schedule is then designed to fit around the availability of the client. Coaching sessions are held face to face or over Skype/phone. 


As a qualified and experienced coach Paul is always happy to be a speaker at your event or TV. Topics for the speech or presentation can be tailored specifically for your business or for educational establishments.

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Why is Sweden Switching to a 6 Hour Work Day?

"Why we started with 6 hour work days" Or more importantly, why are we still working 8 hours a day, when we have all experienced the struggle to concentrate on work solidly for that long? Brath is a Swedish company specialized in SEO for Scandinavia. With over 20 specialists at work we are one of the strongest teams in SEO in Sweden and the rest of the Nordics.&nb [...]

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Interview with the author of "The Martian" Andy Weir

I recently read the book "The Martian" by Andy Weir and was delighted to see that it's been made into a film. I found this book fascinating as it was a great exploration into the mind set of a man that wouldn't be beaten, no matter how bad things seemed. For him, it was just a case of controlling what he could control. Making sure that he tackled each problem as it arose and [...]

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Come Lunch With Me

Encouraging Senior Management to Better Understand Their Staff at a Grass Root Level The Pledge:Once a week I will arrange to have lunch with a random member of staff During this lunch, I will actively encourage them to be as open and honest as possible I will actively listen to them without interruption I will ask open-ended questions to find out as much as I can w [...]

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Eye Contact with Strangers Experiment

There is something so powerful and moving when you maintain eye contact. This is something that many of us avoid. I can recall my father's dislike for extended eye contact as he felt it was 'aggressive'. However, it's clear to me now, especially in my line of work, that eye contact is critical. Of course, you don't need to maintain eye contact to the extent that they do in the [...]

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