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What is 2012 KickStart?

By joining 2012 KickStart you will gain direct access to your own personal coach, with unlimited email coaching.

To really give 2012 the KickStart you need you will also receive 4 telephone coaching sessions in the first month.

It’s doesn’t just stop there. Once you have completed your 4 telephone coaching sessions, you will continue to receive unlimited email coaching AND 1 telephone coaching session EVERY MONTH!

You’ll be able to work on all the issues that have been holding you back, set real goals and start working towards them, become more confident and achieve the dreams you have struggled to realise on your own.

  • Improving work relationships
  • Improving managers perception of the coachee
  • Development techniques to manage stress
  • Confidence building
  • Time management
  • Work / Life balancing
  • Health / Fitness
  • Motivation

With all this one to one coaching, email support and on going coaching you might be surprised to find out, that until the end of January 2012 I’ll be changing just £50 per month for this service. Of course I won’t be able to hold this special offer price indefinitely so make sure you get in early and ensure your place.

Contact me now.

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