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5 Reasons Why it’s Taking Forever for You to Get a Promotion


The economy may not be in good shape but that doesn’t mean companies can’t afford to promote their employees. If your colleagues who started almost the same time you, already got promoted and the company you’re in is doing pretty well, then it only means one thing. You can’t blame the economy, your boss or anyone else.

Take a good look and see if the reasons below ring a bell:

  • Meeting expectations isn’t enough to get you a promotion because it’s nothing out of the ordinary. That’s what you’re paid too do. Your boss won’t consider you worthy of a promotion if all you do is come and leave on time and submit your work on schedule. You may think that you’re doing a good job because you’re meeting expectations. That kind of thinking is exactly the reason you’re not getting promoted! During work coaching sessions, I often tell clients to challenge themselves when it comes to work. Strive to exceed your boss’ expectations or at least top off your last month’s performance. You should also contribute something extra to your company by showing initiative in some projects and suggesting ways to improve the way your system works.
  • You don’t keep record of your bragging rights. Kudos emails, awards and certificates of contribution are more than keepsakes, you know. Instead of throwing them away, keep them in a folder with your resume. When a vacancy opens up or when you ask for a promotion, you have something to back up (or substantiate?) your application. Your brag book will certainly add to your application’s “worth”.
  • You’re not getting noticed. Sometimes, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” Your professional relationship with people in your company can help you move up the career ladder faster. Don’t worry, this work coaching tip is not about smothering your boss with compliments or gifts. When you’ve done all you could in terms of your performance, the next step is establish a connection with the higher-ups. Put yourself where the action is and find someone who will root for you when the management is deciding who to promote.
  • You’re a whiner. It’s okay to speak up in the office but you should always be careful who you talk to. I often tell my work coaching clients to avoid complaining about the management with other people, even to their team mates. Word goes around fast and you never know how far your comments can reach. If you’re a whiner, you’re giving your boss ammunition to retain you in your post. Instead of whining and complaining, suggest solutions to the problem. Make your boss see you as a problem solver.
  • You’re not asking for a promotion. Even if you’re the best employee, there’s a big chance that you won’t get promoted- unless you ask for it. You know what they say, “if you don’t ask, the answer is always no”.  If you have what it takes to get promoted and you know you’ve earned it, schedule a meeting with your boss and talk to him about your intentions. Mention your skills, accomplishments and traits that fit the position you’re asking for.

Getting promoted isn’t easy but it’s not impossible.

Climbing up the career ladder is like a chess battle, so create a strategy and stick to it! Take a hard look at your attitude and performance at work. Are you guilty of some of the reasons above? Change, and change now! Next week, I’ll give you a battle plan to get the promotion you’ve been waiting for.


Paul Bailey

Paul Bailey

Executive Coach at Impact CM
Paul is a highly experienced Business Coach, Mentor and Personal Development Specialist. He works with people to enhance business and personal performance through a process of supported self-awareness and self- development. Paul is the Co-Author of the book 80 Tips.
Paul Bailey
Paul Bailey
Paul Bailey
Paul Bailey
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