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Dealing with Unfriendly and Hostile Employees in the Workplace

Organizations, big and small, never run out of employee problems. Unfriendly or hostile employees are a big drain for any organization, sapping the energy and time of others around them. There are many kinds of hostile employees; some are passive-aggressive while others are not afraid to show that they’re bullies..

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You Won’t Get a Job if You’re Still Doing these Things

Despite today’s developing technology, many job applicants are still stuck using outdated job-search tactics. While some traditional tactics may still work their magic, a handful of these tricks are already outdated, if not totally useless.  That’s why career coaches always make it a point to keep up to date with.

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The 50%, 10% and 40% Factors that Affect Your Happiness

How can I be happier? This is typically a common question people from all walks of life ask at one point in their lives. Things that make a person happy vary from one person to another, but according to a certain institution, there’s an actual formula to happiness. Happiness, according.

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Delegate It Right the First time around

Why are entrepreneurs having a hard time delegating tasks? Business owners are known to juggle dozens of roles and work at once. You would think that delegating work would be easier to do. After all, what could be better than having other people do the menial work for you? Delegating.

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Don’t Jeopardize Your Career with these Not-so-Obvious Blunders

The workplace of today is getting more competitive. Showing your best self is even more crucial for your career growth than ever before. The problem is, sometimes you think you’re doing the best to be employee-of-the-year, when you’re actually in the running for most-hated-employee-ever! Which of these less-than-obvious professional blunders.

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