Four Things That Can Destroy Your Motivation


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To be successful in life, you need to be motivated to achieve your dreams. The most common way to motivate yourself is by thinking of your plans, goals, or dreams, but what if your aspirations aren’t enough to keep you going? If that happens, then you should find out what destroys your drive, so that you can prevent it from getting to your nerves. Finding out what kills your motivation is just as important as setting your goals.

The Usual Culprits for Killing your Motivation

  1. Having No Confidence

You are motivated to work hard for your goals, but if you don’t have any confidence in what you can do, then you won’t really be able to accomplish anything. In the end, you’ll probably tell yourself that you knew you couldn’t succeed to begin with. If you want to be confident, don’t think about what will happen if you fail. Think about the good things, such as your joy of accomplishing your goals, the people who will congratulate you, and the skills you will have learned. Focusing on the good things will fill your brain with positive energy, which will then give you the will power to persevere.

  1. Being Surrounded by Naysayers And Sceptics

Pessimists can destroy your motivation. It’s human instinct to fear change, so when you’re changing for the better, people around will probably react negatively to it. It’s like when people on a diet are constantly tempted by their friends to eat more, or when some people scoff at your big idea because they failed to achieve their dreams before. Take these negative comments lightly, or joke about it instead of worrying or feeling bad. You can also think about things from another point of view. For instance, if your mother-in-law is sceptic about your career change; don’t think about her comments as undermining your talents. A better, more inspiring way to put it is to think about how she cares for your career, and how she wants you to succeed.

  1. Fear of Failing

Some people choose not to go after their goals because they fear that they may fail and end up being disappointed. Keep in mind that attempting to accomplish your goal, is already some sort of achievement in itself. You’ve taken the first step; and that’s a lot better than not doing it at all. No one is perfect and everyone fails at some point. This shouldn’t bring you down, though. Sometimes, in order to succeed, you need to fail first. Don’t be afraid. Just go for your dreams and see where it takes you.

  1. Comparing Yourself to What Others Have

A lot of people compare themselves to others. A healthy dose of envy is okay to motivate yourself to work harder. But this envy and needless comparison also works the other way around when you start pitying yourself for what you don’t have. Remember that everyone is different, and comparing yourself to someone else is useless. Your competition may be good at one thing, but you have your own skill set, too.

Determining what destroys your motivation will help you plan your life and discover ways to prevent these things from affecting you. This will improve your chances of reaching your goals and dreams successfully. What about you, “what kills your motivation?”

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