It’s August already! Do you remember all those resolutions you listed last New Year? It may be past the middle of the year, but it’s better late than never! It’s time to do your mid-year goal setting check! Some of you may not like this process because of two reasons:

  • You gave up on your resolutions a few weeks after (or a few days) New Year because they were too hard to keep.
  • You forgot about your resolutions because they were pushed aside by other more pressing issues in your life.

Either way it will do good to re-evaluate yourself, your goals and your outlook in life. And first of all, you really shouldn’t dread doing this goal setting evaluation because it’s not done to punish yourself.
Here’s the Good News and the Bad News:

  • Bad news- The first half of 2012 is over.
  • Good news- There’s a few more months to go before 2013.
What am I saying here? You still have the chance to make this year count!
People have different resolutions and goals for 2012, but regardless of its differences, there are a goal setting tips anyone could use to get back on track of their goals.

4 Must-Follow Steps for Re-evaluating Your Goals

  1. Find your New Year’s resolution list and categorize it into 4, currently doing, accomplished, no action/still motivated to do and not relevant anymore. A person’s motivation plays a huge role in successful goal setting. If you force yourself to do something you’re not motivated to do, then you’re not going to accomplish much of anything.
  1. Create a new list of goals and resolutions, and remove the ones that are no longer relevant, including those that you’re not motivated to do. You can keep the goals that you already accomplished in the list, but make sure to mark them as such. This is a good source of motivation, and it will remind you that you’re not doing so bad after all. Don’t forget to celebrate your goals, too!
  1. Honestly evaluate your progress with the remaining goals by asking yourself the questions below. Your answer to these questions will give you a clear view of things and will excite you to start anew.
    • How much progress have you made? If you didn’t even work on the goal, what kept you from doing so?
    • If you were to rate yourself from 1-10 (10-highest), how does your progress measure up to what you wanted to accomplish?
    • Did you create any plan to accomplish the resolutions or goals you created? If you didn’t make any plans, what steps did you take to accomplish your goals?
      • Which parts of your plan worked?
      • Where there parts of the plan you failed to do? Why didn’t you do it?
      • Did you have the necessary resources to do your plans?
    • How focused were you when you were working on your resolutions?
  1. Time for goal setting! Write a new plan based on the information you have. Be specific and set your deadline to December 31st 2012. Create milestones, checklists and enlist the help of people who will support your goals. You can do this by:
    1. Making a list of 3 non-negotiable things that you must accomplish every day. Do these things, no matter what!
    2. Be realistic on what you can do given your resources and time.
    3. Make a list of the things that prevent you from accomplishing your goals, and create a plan to avoid these distractions.

It’s not yet too late to have another go at your goals. There’s really no perfect time to accomplish something, the only good time is NOW.

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Paul Bailey

Paul is a highly experienced Business Coach, Mentor and Personal Development Specialist. He works with people to enhance business and personal performance through a process of supported self-awareness and self- development. Paul is the Co-Author of the book 80 Tips.