There is a lot involved when trying to find the right career for you. Aside from finding a profession that pays well and makes you financially stable, it is also important to find a job that will give you happiness and satisfaction. The career you choose will be one you could be doing for the rest of your life, so it is crucial to find one that you know you will enjoy no matter what. To achieve fulfilment with your job, you need to pick one that you have interest in. You can get assistance through executive career coaching, or begin by browsing through the steps to choosing the right career.

Step #1 – Make a list of what interests you

To have a fulfilling career, you need to find a profession that you are interested in. For instance, if you want to make a difference and enjoy helping others, then you might want to consider working in the health care industry. If you like teaching and enjoy being around kids then maybe, you should consider careers in education. Determine what interests you and make a list of the different careers available so you can figure out what suits you most. Additional help could be provided by executive career coaches.

Step #2 –Take a career assessment

A career assessment is a test that will help you understand your personal attributes, along with your talents and education. This assessment will evaluate your interests, strengths, and weaknesses to help you determine what career is most suitable for you. There are assessments that can be taken online offered by executive career coaching sites. After getting the results for the assessment, compare the “recommended” careers and what you actually want, and then narrow your choices to three jobs.

Step #3 – Find out the education requirements and salary for your prospective career

As soon as you have made your top career choices, research the next steps that you have to take to pursue the career of your choice. Research the job description, the minimum education requirements, the schools offering such programs, along with the salary you could potentially earn. Essentially, you need to learn everything you can about these careers to help you decide on the right one.

Step #4 –Consider applying for an internship

If you are still uncertain about your career choice, then the best thing to do before spending time and money on education is to apply for an internship. This will give you hands on experience on the industry you plan to join, so that you can see for yourself if it is indeed the right career for you. Internship experience is also a plus when enrolling into a program and applying for a job.

Step #5 – Get assistance through executive career coaching

Taking the time to discuss your concerns with a career professional will be a big help. These coaches are experienced in helping individuals identify the best career for them. However, you should take the time to research for reputable coaches to ensure you are getting the help you need. Ideally, the coach you choose should have gone through formal executive career coaching.

Choosing the right career is not an easy task. It can be overwhelming, especially if you are uncertain about what you really want to do. Take the time to check different industries, and to explore what really makes you happy. Choosing a career based on how much it pays you isn’t the best thing to do, so follow these steps before you start over in a new career.

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Paul Bailey

Paul is a highly experienced Business Coach, Mentor and Personal Development Specialist. He works with people to enhance business and personal performance through a process of supported self-awareness and self- development. Paul is the Co-Author of the book 80 Tips.