The Concept of Bravery

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A brave person, for some people, could probably mean somebody who is not afraid to dodge bullets in his path. A brave person, according to societal norms, is probably a big shot who is assertive all the time and who feels free to speak his mind. Maybe, some people might even think that a brave person is somebody who loves to be the centre of attention, which can actually be beneficial in some ways.

In the real and dangerous world, a brave person is actually what the society needs, more so; a brave employee what a company needs. Bravery is always connected with confidence.

Each person pretty much has it in them to be brave at some point in their lives. When the situation calls for it, some people are actually able to muster the nerve to do things just to get the job done. However, what is it about bravery that scares many people so much? What does it take to instil confidence and nerves of steel in a person?

Everyone comes from a different background in life. Some are born rich, poor, beautiful, handsome, and the list goes on. These things affect the way a person thinks, acts, talks, and in general, all these affect a person’s ability to be brave.

Increasing Braveness- the Process Within

The Reality

It all starts when you realise that there is something that’s quite not right. Maybe, something is missing. You will probably feel some pain, or anger towards yourself and the people around you. This is a sign that there are certain aspects in your life that needs to be remodelled, changed, revitalised, etc. You realise that you need to step up and take action.

The Fear

Who wants to live in the dark? Yes, you know you have to change, but the fear of rejection and change is stopping you from making the right decision.

The Gathering of Courage

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This is the time when an individual says, ’what have I got to lose?’, or ‘oh, let’s just get it over with’, and eventually ‘I can do this’. This is the part where you begin to let go of your inhibitions towards many things. By letting go, you can free yourself of all the limitations you’ve set on yourself and finally take action.

The Action

You are finally ready to act. After realising your situation and the need for change, you finally take the first step to change your life. The first step is always the hardest, but you should just continue. Eventually you won’t even feel uncomfortable in challenging the norms. If you are stuck in a situation that requires you to speak up, you’ll now know what to do.

Being brave may be too much for many people. The good thing about stepping up is that it opens doors to many other opportunities in life.


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