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Conflict in the workplace can affect the performance of employees and the success of the business. This is why it is best to act right away in order to prevent damaging problems. Unresolved conflicts at work are one of the major reasons why many employees leave. Use the work coaching tips here to resolve conflicts before it messes up everything at the office.

What is a Conflict?

Conflict is described as a state of unrest between inharmonious or adverse individuals, interests, or ideas, creating a clash. Conflict is normal and is something that cannot be avoided. However, it doesn’t mean it should be ignored. Although it is natural to have disagreements, as much as possible you need to do what you can to prevent it from happening. If conflicts occur amongst your employees, you need to do your part to resolve it before it gets out of hand.

  • Identify what is causing conflict- because the only way to find a solution is by determining the true cause of the problem. Once you have discovered the real cause of the conflict, then you can work at helping both parties come to an agreement or resolution.
  • Recognize that every individual has different perceptions and point of views. Although there is no need for two people to accept the each other point of view, it is important that they respect it. By acknowledging the other individual’s perception or opinion, it will be easier for both parties to set aside their differences and work in resolving the problem.
  • Help both parties agree on a solution that they are both willing to do. It is important for both parties to express their opinions regarding the problem at hand. Let them talk things through, voice their concerns so that they can get over it. Don’t just decide on a solution for both parties, ask them what they’re willing to do to solve the problem. Your employees are more likely to follow through, if you give them the freedom to decide for themselves.
  • Listen attentively. As a leader, it is your job to be impartial while hearing both parties. Do not favour one over the other, as this won’t make anything better. Simply hear them out and try to understand where they are coming from. People like to feel that that they are heard and taken seriously. Sometimes, problems can be resolved on its own just by listening.
  • Follow up on the resolution. After both parties come up with a resolution, it is your job to follow up to ensure that what was discussed will be accomplished. Checking up on your employees will ensure that they won’t argue over the same issues again.

Your employees are comprised of people with different backgrounds, beliefs, and ideals, so it’s normal for them to fight and argue. While you cannot prevent conflicts entirely, you can help your team to resolve them peacefully, with minimal work disruption. With the help of work coaching, unhealthy conflict can definitely be eliminated.


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Paul Bailey

Paul is a highly experienced Business Coach, Mentor and Personal Development Specialist. He works with people to enhance business and personal performance through a process of supported self-awareness and self- development. Paul is the Co-Author of the book 80 Tips.