1329757171_0Meeting targets, hitting monthly quotas, and brining in money can be a bigger challenge than you think. The market can be uncertain; trends fluctuate, consumers evolve, and lifestyles change faster than most businesses can keep up. And those who can’t keep in step are left on the side lines, spiralling down to failure.

The Sales Team are at the frontlines of any business; they are like your product ambassadors and how well or bad they perform their responsibilities may draw the line between meeting sales targets and falling flat. Companies provide training to sales reps before they are sent in to “battle”; they are equipped with knowledge about the brand, detailed information, answers to possible customer questions, and a whole lot of motivation.

Nevertheless, all these inevitably fade over time.

Work fatigue, continuous customer rejection, and erratic market trends will soon sap the motivation and passion out of any employee not just your sales reps.

This inevitable trend in the sales industry has pushed businesses to boot employee motivational strategies with the use of a rewards system. When you think of rewards, money immediately comes to mind. Most businesses employ the strategy of giving out cash incentives and bonuses for targets reached and surpassed; some give out luxurious vacation trips, and fancy gifts as rewards for good performance. However, many businesses today are starting to notice that cash rewards on their own are no longer working.

Overall Employee Experience, Not Rewards and Monetary Incentives

Experts recommend managers to target the overall employee experience to make a long lasting impact on employees. Cash alone just won’t do it; managers need to step up their leadership abilities, recognise the potential in their people, promote a healthy work environment, set clearer organisational strategies, and ultimately make employees feel the weight of their role in the bigger scheme of things. A strategic combination of all these will soon see your sales reps engaged and performing to the best of their abilities.

Don’t get me wrong that cash incentives are not good, most people will obviously respond to monetary rewards, but there must be more to it in the long run. Below are some quick tips to help you motivate your sales reps on the road to success.

Verbal Recognition

Many business leaders underestimate the power of verbal recognition. Acknowledging a closed deal, boosting the confidence of a rep about to make a presentation and giving a short pep talk at the start of the week can do wonders. Don’t just do this routinely though, because it won’t work if that’s what you do. Every employee desires personal acknowledgement and affirmation of the work they do, and most managers fail miserably in this area.

Lead by Example

Managers expect so much from their employees but fail to check if his leadership exemplifies and mirrors these qualities. You can motivate your employees to perform better with less words and effort once you begin to showing them a good example of what a top performing sales rep is expected to do. It won’t hurt to make a few calls, give some presentations and even close a few deals every now and then. Once your staff notices that you’re also working hard to meet the quotas, they’ll be motivated to work alongside you. Employees are more appreciative of leaders who work the field with them.

Sales reps need to understand and appreciate the role they play in the bigger goal of the organisation. They must be able to work with a purpose that will drive them to perform at their best. Cash isn’t a good enough purpose. It rarely is, so give your team something more valuable, more compelling to work for.

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Paul Bailey

Paul is a highly experienced Business Coach, Mentor and Personal Development Specialist. He works with people to enhance business and personal performance through a process of supported self-awareness and self- development. Paul is the Co-Author of the book 80 Tips.