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Who says journaling is just for the ladies?

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5227390052_419bc47d49One of the not so popular techniques of personal development for men that is now being encouraged, is the practice of journal writing.

When talking about this topic, many may associate it as being a “girl-thing”.

Not true. Did you know there are hundreds of successful men who keep journals? For example:-

  1. Winston Churchill

  2. Michael Palin

  3. Andrew Carnegie

  4. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Writing a diary of your everyday experiences may not be the most “macho” thing to do. Most men would not spend time writing and pouring out their thoughts and feelings on a journal. However, keeping a journal is a good way for you to jot ideas, record areas for improvement and everything that’s going on in your head. It’s a great stress reliever, too.

If not for their diaries the world would have missed out on the amazing lives they lived.

  1. Thomas Jefferson

  2. Benjamin Franklin

  3. Henry David Thoreau

  4. Theodore Roosevelt

  5. Captain Cook

As much as these men were known to be very manly in their own way, they all kept journals of their adventures, achievements, and challenges

So why should men keep a journal? Here are a few good reasons:

For your grandchildren

You may think your life is a boring routine, you do the same thing every day and nothing interesting is really happening. Well, maybe for you that’s the case.

But many years from now your seemingly boring life captured in a journal will be something really fascinating to the new generation. It will provide your grandchildren an exciting peak at the olden days and what life was back then.

It is a good reminder

As you go through life and work towards personal development, you will be faced with decisions and challenges. Now, having a journal of the important milestones and decisions you’ve made in your life will help you look back on those times and have a guide on what best to do.

If you don’t want to keep making the same mistakes– WRITE A JOURNAL.

Keeping a journal will help you learn from your mistakes and do better next time; it will also encourage you to keep improving and be better person.

Improve your health

Studies show that journaling is a good step towards personal development. By putting into words your negative experiences and even the little nuances you experience, you’re able to de-stress and transfer your angst into something else- your journal.

That’s better than unknowingly transferring your stress to your wife, children and friends, right?

Men are used to keeping their emotions bottled up, but journaling will help give you an outlet for your emotions.

I’ve recently been using a great app on my iPad to help me with my own journalling. I managed to get the app for free as part of the Apple App store special, but I still think it would be worth the £2.99.

Day One (Journal / Diary)

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About the author 

Paul Bailey

Paul is a qualified Nutrition Coach. Working with Gay Men over 40, who are looking to
Improve their health
Get fitter
Gain confidence
Feel sexier!

All through eating better and never dieting!

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