June 30

Top 10 Tips to Build Confidence

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A simple list of ideas to help build your confidence:-

    1. Compliment other people.
    2. Accept compliments gracefully.
    3. Keep fit, you don’t need the body of a god(ess) to feel good about yourself.
    4. Keep a journal, it helps to calm a judgmental inner voice.
    5. Recognise your insecurities, accepting them is the first step to conquering them.
    6. Avoid perfectionism, good enough will do, tell yourself you can always come back to it later.
    7. Take care of your appearance, then it’s one less thing to worry about.
    8. Practice smiling before entering a room.
    9. Learn a new skill to gently challenge you.
    10. Listen to your doubts, but challenge their validity.

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About the author 

Paul Bailey

Paul is a qualified Nutrition Coach. Working with Gay Men over 40, who are looking to
Improve their health
Get fitter
Gain confidence
Feel sexier!

All through eating better and never dieting!

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