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Muse Headband Review SensorsI’ve been interested in mediation for a while, but never really got into doing it on a regular basis. I’d heard about this device on a few podcasts and thought I’d give it a go. I say ‘give it a go’ but actually at this price, it’s hardly a trial run. If you’re going to spend a couple of hundred pounds or dollars on a piece of equipment, you should probably use it a little more than just a ‘trial’.

If you’ve not heard of it, the Muse Headband from InteraXon is an EEG headband with 7 sensors. Meaning, it ‘listens’ to your electrical brain activity and can give you live feedback on how active your brain is on your mobile phone app. (You can download it for free from the Apple App store or Google Play)

At the end of your session it gives you a report on how ‘calm’ you were. It also rewards longer periods of calm with the gentle tweeting of birds. Which frankly, can bring me out of calm, but apparently this is done deliberately, as you are meant to let the bird chirping just wash over you.

So the ultimate idea behind this is that you get real science based feedback on how well you are able to calm your brain activity. Whether this is true meditation I’m not so sure. But does it encourage me to try and mediate? For the most part, YES! Muse Headband Calm App

I’m a big fan of ‘what you can track you can change’. Meaning if I know that today my calm percentage was 30% but previously I’ve been able to achieve 40-50% then I know that there is something playing on my mind, and that doing the meditation is probably even more important. Getting a low score doesn’t make me feel like I’ve failed, it makes me feel that spending those few minutes calming my mind, was even more important.

The benefits for me have been:

  1. Consistency, well mostly. I do this almost everyday.
  2. Reduction in stress. I get tinnitus, a ringing in the ears, I’ve noticed that using this has helped reduce that.
  3. Sense of achievement and progression. I can really see when I’ve done well.

It’s not cheap however, so I would only recommend this to people with a bit of spare cash, or someone who is really committed to doing it.

Have you got the Muse? What do you think of it? Is this something you would try? Do you meditate already? What tips would you share?

Buy Muse Headband InteraXon at Amazon

Muse Headband from InteraXon on Amazon

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