“Unlocking the Power of Nutrition Over 40: Explore Food as Medicine for a Thriving Lifestyle”

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Theories to Practise: Working with Traditional Nutritional Wisdom

Growing up, I often watched in wonder as my grandmother went about her days in the kitchen, her wrinkled hands expertly handling spices and herbs, creating culinary masterpieces that we’d later rave about around the dining table. As a young lad, I often shied away from these ‘odd’ flavours, but now, as I’m over 40, I find myself craving for that wholesome, nutritious meal. I draw from these memories, and today, I want to take you through this understanding, that improving health after 40 doesn’t merely rely on what we eat, but also how and when we eat.

Take, for example, how the Japanese people have been drinking green tea since ancient times 🍵. Recent studies are now hailing this antioxidant-rich beverage for various health benefits, including weight loss and improved heart health. They are not the only ones who have established such a close relationship with their food. The Mediterranean diet is honoured for its heart-friendliness, mainly credited to the generous pouring of olive oil 🍶. Then there is the ageless charm of Indian cuisine, where turmeric, a key ingredient, has anti-inflammatory properties that can keep chronic diseases at bay 🍛.

Mindful Eating

Never before has the adage, “You Are What You Eat” been truer. Despite having knowledge about these power-packed foods, most of us, unfortunately, might be eating in unhelpful ways – eating on the run, eating while distracted, or overeating due to lack of mindfulness.

Mindful eating transforms our relationship with food. Instead of eating mindlessly, we eat mindfully – this means being present during a meal, paying full attention to the food; its textures, aroma, and taste. This heightened awareness can prevent overeating, ensure optimal absorption of nutrients and manage our weight effectively.

Revamping Diet for those Over 40

Just like how our body changes with aging, our diet, too, needs a healthy dose of evolution to maintain its dynamism. Taking into account one’s age and health conditions, a nutrient mix is necessary for the body to function at an optimal level. This starts with a balanced diet – one that has a combination of various food types in the right quantities.

Revisiting traditional diets from around the world is an effective approach to enhance this balance. We can pick nutrient-dense food derived from different cultures, like the ones mentioned earlier – green tea, olive oil, turmeric, and others. I celebrate these traditional foods not merely for their taste but for the time-tried wisdom that they carry.


Most importantly, remember that nutrition is not just about counting the calories and nutrients. It’s about engaging with our diet at a more profound level, a place beyond just flavor. It’s about respecting and celebrating the amazing processes that allow you to enjoy a meal, the journey from your plate into your body, and how it nourishes you from within.

I am urging you, gentlemen who’ve celebrated the big 40, to rethink how and what you eat. Embrace traditional, wholesome, nutrient-rich foods. Enjoy the eating experience. Listen to your body’s cues about hunger and satiety. These are not just healthy habits; these are life-changers, I promise you.

No drastic diets, no size zero meals. Just you, your food, and a fresh, new understanding of its impact on your health and well-being. The path to improved health after 40 begins here, on your plate. Are you ready? #NutritionOver40 #FoodAsMedicine #HolisticNutrition
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