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The Art of Saying “No” To Irrelevant Content

Picture this: You are well on your way to achieving your goals. You’re a professional in the field of men’s health and nutrition, focused on helping individuals, particularly men over the age of 40, improve their well-being, get fitter, and embrace a healthier lifestyle. You’re in the zone creating quality content, and bam, along comes a curveball: You’re requested to focus on a topic that has nothing to do with nutrition or men’s health, but on horse racing.

Unexpected? Absolutely. Relatable? More common than you might think.

Identifying What’s Relevant

Let’s get straight to the issue at hand. Being handed a topic about horse racing, when your expertise lies in nutrition and men’s health, is quite the conundrum. Of course, one can find a connection between any two subjects if they squint hard and tilt their heads just right. Perhaps, you could talk about the fitness level of jockeys or the diet that these professional athletes maintain. But, frankly, that would be a stretch.

In our line of work, focusing on a niche audience – men over 40 aiming to enhance their health – it’s critical that the information provided is beneficial, accurate, and specifically catered to the unique concerns of this age group.

Similarity is not Relevance

True, both horse racing and men’s nutrition fall under the broad umbrella of sports and health, but they’re as similar as unicorns and horses. Yes, they both have four legs and a tail, but as you likely discerned, the differences are far more numerous and significant.

When offering content that purports to deliver value, whether it’s tips for losing weight, building muscle, or dealing with health issues typical to men over 40, it’s crucial to stay precise and create content that’s relevant. Veering off course into subjects not related to this purpose, no matter how remotely connected they might appear, does a disservice to our audience.

Set Boundaries—Clear Expectations

There’s much merit in having a broad mind, but there’s also something to be said about establishing clear boundaries. Figuring out when to broadly expand our horizons and when to hone in on what’s in front of us is key. This careful balancing act is not exclusive to maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle; it applies equally to the creation and delivery of meaningful, beneficial content.

When faced with tasks that divert your attention from your niche, it’s crucial to express, politely and firmly, that the interests of your audience lie elsewhere. It’s important to ensure that any content created aligns with your audience’s interests, supporting them in their journey to optimal health.

Staying True to Your Mission

In the midst of all this, remember who you are. You’re a professional focused on men’s health and nutrition, particularly for those over 40. You devote your time and energy towards aiding men in their journey towards better health, greater fitness levels, and an overall higher quality of life. Irrelevant topics, although they might come your way, need to be handled carefully without being distracted from your primary mission.

So, the next time a conversation veers towards horse racing, be prepared to gently steer it back to your area of expertise, men’s health. Not because you can’t write about horse racing, but because you’re more valuable guiding men over 40 through the challenges and changes that accompany their health and nutrition.

Over to you now. Your core audience relies on you. Stay committed, stay focused, and continue to inspire men over 40 to improve their health through your relevant, engaging content. They’re not interested in horse racing. They’re relying on you to help them chart the unfamiliar territory of health and nutrition changes. Don’t let them down.
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