Paul Bailey is a Confidence Coach and Business Improvement Consultant. He specialises in helping people realise their potential and unleash their inner confidence. By putting these two elements into action, he provides the support people need to achieve the very best they can, in both their personal and professional lives.

Paul Bailey’s experience spans over 12 years as a professional consultant and six years as a certified coach. He has worked with many individuals, teams and large organisations tackling issues of low self-confidence, overall personal development, developing creative business solutions, as well as improving communication, leadership skills and employee management for senior managers.

Continuous Professional Development - CPD​

Paul is accredited as a provider of coaching, and has received formal independent CPD accreditation. Clients who complete a coaching programme with Impact CM Ltd can now request a CPD Certificate of Attendance and can record their coaching sessions towards their formal CPD requirements for their professional body, institute or employer.

If you are required by your employer to earn certain number of CPD points every year, you can now receive a certificate from Impact CM Ltd that can be used specifically for that purpose.

Non-Directive Coaching​

Paul believes in what is called a 'non-directive' approach to coaching, which encourages active participation and commitment throughout the entire process. Paul’s unique approach to coaching is particularly effective for men, as it eliminates any hesitation and uncertainty by creating an environment of transparent integrity during the session. By being non-direct, Paul does not dictate specific solutions;instead he allows clients to safely explore options and draws them to their own conclusions. As a result, his mentees are much more committed to the solutions they create and are far more likely to accomplish their goals, compared with training sessions where generic solutions are 'spoon fed'.

People on the verge of breaking down, individuals with anger management problems, organisations with leadership issues and mismanaged businesses have all found a new direction and a clearer path to positive change, thanks to Paul’s guidance.

With a special focus on coaching men, Paul draws from his experiences on dealing with the struggles and challenges men face. His strong understanding of these issues allows him to offer effective coaching without judgment or criticism.


Here are a few quotes from some of his clients on their coaching experience with Paul Bailey:

“Paul helped me through a stressful time at work and allowed me to let go of my feelings of anger. Now, I am able to build better working relationships with my peers.”

“I found the coaching experience very uplifting and insightful. I was able to address my challenges from a fresh perspective. Paul has helped me direct my efforts and measure the positive results I was making. But most importantly, he made me to believe in myself!”

“After my coaching sessions, I finally started thinking clearly and more strategically about my business. Now, I am able to do more without having to panic. I am so much more productive!”

“I was a very indecisive person when Paul met me. But his sessions have injected a deep sense of purpose in my life!”

With over 12 years of experience in dealing with people and organisations, Paul has made a name for himself as one of the most experienced, professional coaches and business consultants in the industry today.

Paul shares, “Coaching has allowed me to use all my previous experience and do what I truly feel passionate about, helping people grow and achieve their best.”

Apart from his professional coaching experience, Paul has held significant leadership positions in some of the biggest companies in the UK, including British Telecom, Vodafone, and Reuters. His work as a Business Improvement Consultant helped organisations harness their best business practices and resolve critical issues that hampered success. Paul recently appeared in lifestyle TV show Gok Wan.

It was in April 2007 that Paul completed his course and became a certified coach. Since then, he has put his passion to work helping people find fulfilment and joy in life.

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