Day 25: Action Plan Time Limits

DAY 25 of 30 Little Steps

Action Plan Time Limits

We all have a lot of things on our to-do list that we never seem to get around to doing. Yet these are often the things that would benefit us the most. However the thought of starting then fills us will dread and at the same time drains all out motivation to act.

This is where "Little Steps" really begins to shine. Whatever task you have to do on your list, it can be broken down into smaller more manageable chunks.

Recently a client of mind asked help with tackling a challenging section on his MBA course. We took the three areas he needed to do and chose just one. Then we worked out what he'd need to start area 1. We discovered that ultimately, just to get started, he needed to download some files form a work computer and review them. He would be able to do this on Tuesday, at around 10am.

Suddenly the monumental task of doing a section of his MBA became just a simple job of downloading some files and reading them.

If you have a task that you are struggling with right now, think about it this way, if you can't do it in 20 minutes within the next 24 hours, then the task is probably too big and you need to break it down more.

You just need to do 20 minutes in the next 24 hours. What does that look like?

If you end up doing more then great, but if you don't at least you've started it!

What is your challenging task?