Weekly Group Nutrition Coaching

Group nutrition coaching sessions will help you focus on being healthier.

Every week, guys just like you, get together and support each other in their quest to improve their nutrition, fitness and health.

You are welcome to try a session by using the booking form below.

These sessions will be limited to a maximum of 10 people, to ensure everyone gets a chance to talk if they wish. If the sessions are full you can join the wait list for future sessions.

A single group session is £15 ($20 USD approx) 

A subscription is £60 ($80 USD / €72) per month and will give you these additional benefits

  • 1 hour private nutrition coaching to help you get started, when you subscribe for a minimum of 6 months
  • Priority access to the coaching sessions
  • 4 free sessions per year (pay for 48, get 52)
  • Weekly accountability, support and focus goals
  • Recordings of the sessions in case you miss any

Subscribe here or book a single session using the form below


Q: What day/time are the group sessions?
A: The first session is at 7pm UK time (2pm EST) every Tuesday. But that group is now full.

Q: I can't make that day/time, what are my options?
A: You can join the waitlist for a new session. You will then be given the date and time options available, and be able to vote for the best times for you. Once there are a minimum of 5 people, that have similar day/time preferences a new session can be set up.

Q: How do I join the waitlist?
A; You can join the waitlist, by entering the "Referral Program"

Q: What is the "Referral Program"?
A: A system that tracks people interested in the Group Nutrition Coaching, and allows you to share the information about the sessions on social media. The more you share the more points you get, the more points you get, the more benefits you unlock, and the higher up the waitlist you will get. 

Q: What are the benefits of the "Referral Program"?
A: The benefits are unlocked as you share on social media, and refer people to join the waitlist. Each time you share or refer someone you are given points towards the benefits. The benefits are:

  • Quick Start Guide (PDF)
  • Nutrition and Fitness Guide (PDF)
  • Calorie Counting Debunked (PDF)
  • Recording of the Impact Nutrition Workshop Video (value £47 / $67) 
  • Recording of the 4 Day Virtual Spa Video (value £57 / $77)
  • 1 month of Group Nutrition Coaching (value £60 / $80)

Each person to join the "Referral Program" will also have a chance of winning the grand prize of 3 months Group Nutrition Coaching. 

Q: How do I win the 3 months Group Nutrition Coaching
A: The person with the most points on the 31st January 2022 will win the grand prize.