December 5

Freedom from Anxiety, Worry and Stress


How to Relieve Stress in Just 30 Minutes

If you are looking for an effective and easy way to fight off your anxiety, worry and stress than I have great news for you!

By listening to this relaxation audio guide, you will be given the tool to help you deal with any situation that would cause you to experience anxiety, worry or stress…

This audio is a unique combination of 3 relaxation techniques that even on their own would provide a good level of relaxation, but when combined, take you to the most relaxed state possible. I guarantee that you’ve never felt such a deep level of relaxation and control at the same time in your life!

Listen to a sample here

By listening to this relaxation audio guide, you will be given the tool to help you deal will any situation that would cause you to experience anxiety, worry or stress.

There are three phases:

  1. Preparation, allowing you to relax no matter how tense or stressed you might feel
  2. Induction, using gentle ambient music to help you take your relaxed state to a much deeper level.
  3. Freedom, during the third and final phase, positive words are subtly added into the background to help reinforce the calming nature of the session.

After the three phases are completed you can choose whether to continue relaxing and drift into a deep and refreshing sleep, or to wake and continue on with your day feeling calm, relaxed and confident.

Freedom from Anxiety, Worry and StressWhat people are saying about the MP3

“Your audio was AMAZING! First night I’ve fell asleep quickly in weeks and your voice is very soothing.”

“I found it excellent! I thought I was relaxed after a week’s vacation but the session relaxed me even further than I thought possible.”

“It is an excellent tool and I look forward to working with it more. The production values of the audio are stellar. Thanks!”

“I was having trouble sleeping and this audio really helped”

“I found switching off and falling asleep challenging sometimes, but since listening the challenge for me has disappeared.”

“Not only has it helped me relax and fall into a deep, peaceful asleep, but it’s also taught me how to take a step back in stressful moments and find my ‘safe place’.”

“Every night I find myself excited to fall asleep to the sound of Paul’s voice and look forward to going back to my ‘safe place’ (sitting on a quiet beach in Barbados at sunset).”

“I would recommend this to anyone, with sleep difficulties, or without. I guarantee it will teach you something you can take away and apply to your own life.”

“After listening to your audio session I didn’t have to escape from anything, as there was no stress or worry about anything.”

About the author 

Paul Bailey

Paul is a qualified Nutrition Coach. Working with Gay Men over 40, who are looking to
Improve their health
Get fitter
Gain confidence
Feel sexier!

All through eating better and never dieting!

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