Day 13: Fix your body language, instantly!

Fix your body language, instantly!

I did a Periscope on this topic recently, so the quality of the video isn't amazing, but I spend more time on this and go into more detail.​​

When I start working with clients face to face, it's often clear to me when they need to 'fix' their body language.

Most of my clients struggle with self-confidence. It shows, and this "tell-tell" body language becomes a self-reinforcing problem. So I had to find a quick and easy way for people to fix their body language without over complicating it. That's when I started teaching them to


The next time you need to communicate with someone and you need to have their full attention ( or you need to give your full attention ) just make sure that your feet and flat on the floor pointing directly at the person that you need to connect with.

Just try it now, sitting or standing, put your feet on the floor, flat. Point them slight to the left as if you were about to start a conversation with someone sat there. Now, point them towards the right, as if you were responding to a question from someone else.

If you want to add an extra boost, straighten up your posture.

I've had clients report back that this simple technique has been one of the most powerful changes they have ever experienced.

If you are keen to learn more about body language I've collected the top Body Language videos and posted them here:-

Top Body Language Videos on YouTube

So give it a go today, then come back and report on how well it worked for you.

Post your results in the comments below​