Day 21: Focus, Oooh look a new shiny thing!

DAY 21 of 30 Little Steps

Focus, Oooh look a new shiny thing!

Personally this is my Achilles heal. If I'm going to struggle with anything personal development related it's focusing on just one thing at a time. Sometimes I find myself backtracking.

I need to do A, but before I do that I'll have to do B, I'll have a coffee first then do B, ooh need more coffee, I'll write that down, where's my phone? Ah there it is, I'll just quickly check Facebook, and email, oh that looks important, I'll have to remember to do that later...... What was I trying to do? I'm thirsty....

Other times I'll find I'm trying to over think, or over engineer my task. When I created the introduction video for this course, I recorded the audio, then I started creating the animation for the video, 10 HOURS LATER, I was still only halfway through and the video was already pushing 7 mins long. I told my partner about all the time and effort I was putting into this and he just looked at me and said, "That's too long, the video and the time and effort it's taking you to create it.". He was absolutely right, the video was meant to be an introduction, not a short film! So from the 7 minutes I had produced, I found a natural cut off at around 3 minutes. And published it. It wasn't "perfect" in my eyes, but I reminded myself I can always come back another time.

For both types, the solution is the same, set a time window, a minimum or maximum amount of time you'll spend on a task before moving on. I've found that setting a timer on my phone immensely productive for this.

What type of focus issues do you have, backtracking or over thinking?

See you tomorrow!‚Äč


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