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Stress Test

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Reducing Stress Through Guided Meditation

Do you suffer from stress? This guided relaxation will not only help you reduce stress but also aid you in getting a great nights sleep. Whether it's something that happened in the past, is happening right now or is an event in the future that is causing you stress. This audio will guide you through detaching your stress so that it becomes reduced. You'll see your str [...]

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Beyond Little Steps

The main thing people tell me they found useful with Little Steps is the daily emails. It gave them something to look forward to, never really knowing what it would be, but they new it would be a little nugget that would give them something to focus on for that day. So now you can continue getting the daily emails for as long as you want! For just £27 per month, you can [...]

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Breakdown Any Goal Into Actionable Steps

Are you the type of person that knows the importance of setting goals but often struggle at the first hurdle?Do you find that you can't take that first step because it's still too overwhelming?Then this post is just for you!All to often people set themselves wonderful, challenging goals but soon lose interest in them as they just end up being impossible to achieve. This is beca [...]

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Sometimes it Helps to Focus on the Positives

This is a guest post from Sean Conrad: When we're trying to improve our own performance, or as managers, trying to coach our employees to improve their performance, it's common to focus on the things that need to change, or 'the negatives'. We do this regularly in performance appraisals: we rate an employee's performance, identify challenges or areas of weakness and put dev [...]

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What’s Your Personality Type?

I recently completed the free online personality test (I'm an ISFP) I must admit I'm normally very cynical of these type of reports. But I have to say, this one really impressed me. I would say 10% of the results did not seem to match me, but the remaining 90% were painfully accurate! I do find myself questioning the usefulness of these reports, what purpose does it f [...]

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Who says journaling is just for the ladies?

One of the not so popular techniques of personal development for men that is now being encouraged, is the practice of journal writing. When talking about this topic, many may associate it as being a "girl-thing". Not true. Did you know there are hundreds of successful men who keep journals? For example:- Winston Churchill Michael Palin Andrew Carnegie [...]

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12 Tips on How to Nurture Customer Relationships

Our customers are our business’ bloodline.  Without them, our product or service, no matter how excellent, will just collect dust in the shelves, our start-up business will never see the light of day, and our business goals will never be met.  Customers can be classified into four major types: New customers – first time customers who are convinced enough to try out ou [...]

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