Little Steps – 30 Day Personal Development Course

Little Steps is an email course that gives you 30 actionable steps, one each and every day, to help you overcome the challenges you’re experiencing in your life right now.

Can Little Steps really help me?

Yes! But not over night, and not without consistently working at it every day.

Notice we said ‘consistently’ trying this on and off for a day or two won’t provide the results of permanent change. If you’re in a situation and you want things to change, then it’s going to take time and effort. You’ll need to commit to making this change happen, even when the going gets tough. Persisting through the days when you just feel like ‘this isn’t working’ is key to success! Think of those days and hurdles, or tricks your ‘old self’ will throw at you to try and trip you up.

You might need to read some of the little steps over and over again to really absorb what they mean and how you should personally interpret and take action on them. A great way to do this is to take a screen shot of it on your phone and save it as your back ground. Then every time you check your phone, it’ll be there to remind you.

Doing these little steps each day over the next 30 days might sound like a lot, but we’ve broken them down so that each day you’ll achieve just enough to move you forward, without stretching you too far out of your comfort zone.

“Just wanted to say an enormous big thank you for this course. I have looked forward to the daily email, I’ve always appreciated them. I’ve learnt a fair bit about myself in the process and undoubtedly made progress in several areas.” – Simon

“It makes life more manageable so that you don’t feel overwhelmed” – Julie

“An exciting challenge each day” – Michalis

“I’m really starting to notice a difference my little steps are making. Mostly in the procrastination area but also to some extent in confidence as I’ve spoken to strangers more in the last 2 weeks than I ever would normally. Thanks for making the difference happen – little steps is so easy to follow” – Lynne

Time for you

Each day you’re going to need to spend just a few minutes on you. Some people struggle with this as their schedules are so jam packed already, and they even feel guilty for being selfish and spending this time on themselves!

But make a commitment right now to allocate just 3 minutes, that’s all, each day. It’s better if you can make it the same time, every day. But you can be flexible, it’s more important that you actually do the little step, than be rigid and fail to do it at the allocated time so you end up not doing it at all.

Clear head

Some people think that certain things help them think, like a nice cup of tea, coffee, a glass of wine, or even recreational drugs like cannabis. Even having a nibble on a biscuit or sandwich whilst you do you little step can be a distraction. You really need a clear head, and lets face it, it’s just 3 minutes.

So close the window to avoid outside noise, no music, radio, TV, internet, and switch off your phone, and avoid using the computer for your little step, try good old fashion pen and paper.

Get your blood flowing

Avoid that sluggish feeling but doing something active for 60 seconds, march on the spot, jump, do press ups, anything that will raise your heart rate, just a little. Or just stand up and take a big stretch.

This will not only get you feeling more energised, but it’s a signal to your brain that you’re about to do something important.

Revisit previous little steps

Each day is a new day, and each new day brings a new step. As you progress, go back through the previous days and refresh your memory on them. How well did they work for you? What could you do to adapt them and more them work better for you?

Taking action is more important than being inspired

Taking action is key, even if you don’t believe that this little step will work for you, that’s OK. Just try it anyway and if it doesn’t think about why and what needs to change to make it work for you. Share with us how you’ve adapted that step and why your adaption works better for you. Everyone is different, but there may be many more people out there like you that would benefit from this adaption.

No matter how big, little steps will get you there

“Aren’t I just too broken? Don’t I need something more drastic than little steps?”

The truth is, the bigger the problem, the more vital it is that you break it down in to more manageable steps. Taking these little steps will be key to teaching you how to cope with even the most daunting of issues.

Getting overwhelmed

There are going to be times that you just feel like things aren’t working. Or you’re trapped and there is no way you can progress onto the next step. That’s OK! Everyone gets stuck from time to time, so expect it to happen to you. When it does happen, that’s the time that you reach out to us, the community, your friends and family. Chances are you’re trying to take too big a bite of the current task, you might need help in breaking it down even further. You’ll need to take a step back, get a fresh perspective and try tackling it from a different angle.

Start right now

There really is no time like the present. It’s simply not possible to do something tomorrow, you can only do things right now! So take the first step right now, whatever that is. When the time comes to take the next step, do it straight away, no ifs, no buts, do it now and move on with the rest of your day.

You’re not alone

We are here to support you every step of the way. Join in with the community, get a friend to take these little steps with you. Get used to expressing how you feel as you progress through the little steps. Getting things off your chest, before they overwhelm you. Often you’ll find that you feel silly at first, but externalising your thoughts is the best way to stop them from building up into a fog of confusion and frustration.

Are you ready? Let’s GO!

Imagine you’re already at the end of this course of little steps. And write down all the things you have achieved, what you have learned and how things have changed for the better. Just spend then next 3 minutes writing. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t even have to be realistic! Just write a few words, bullet points or full sentences, what ever works best for you.

Why why why, would you put yourself through this?

Write down a note, of why this is important to you. What will be the benefit of making this happen? What will be the result if you don’t make these changes in your life?

What advice would you give a friend?

We are often great at giving advice, but awful at taking it, especially our own! So imagine a friend in exactly your situation, what advice would you give them? Focus on that person rather than yourself. I bet it’s great advice, isn’t it!

Get support

Whether you hire a coach, join the community or simply work with a friend. Getting the right type of support for you will be key. Never be ashamed of asking for help. Trying to do this alone, struggling and failing will be far more detrimental than putting your pride to one side and getting the support that you need, whether that is paid for or free.

Little Steps Facebook imageYou control the focus

You decide what you want to work on. Sometimes this focus will change, as you realise that the initial problem might not be the real issue here. So allow yourself to park some issues, or drop them altogether if you realise that there is something different that needs to be resolved first.

Make notes

Often during the day, you’ll think of things that you would like to tackle, tasks you need to do, and ideas you might have. But you can’t take action on them at that very moment, so you think to yourself “I’ll do that later…” and you forget. You end up feeling frustrated that you’ve lost that great idea. So carry a little notebook, or use an online note taking system like Evernote, just jot down your idea and then carry on with your day. It might be that later you look at the note again and decide that, actually, it’s not such a great idea and abandon it. But that’s OK. During these little steps you’ll have some good, bad, and decidedly quirky ideas! Use your notes to look through them at a more convenient time and sort the wheat from the chaff. Meaning, allow yourself to consider your ideas when you have time, so you don’t waste time on silly ideas and you don’t forget the great ones!