Day 22: Never stop learning new things

DAY 22 of 30 Little Steps

Never stop learning new things

We talked before about getting distracted by new and shiny things, which often breaks our concentration and make us procrastinate. But there are times when actually letting this happen can be a huge help!

Set aside a few minutes now to just hunt for the answer to something, whether that's a problem you're currently having, a new experience you'd like to have or just answering a question. The key here is to limit the time you spend on it rather than just giving your curiosity free rein. Let's say 15 minutes tops.

For example, there's a brilliant website that summarises books, so that they can be read in about 15 minutes. So one option could be to check out and read their daily free book.

Alternatively check some of your favourite websites for their latest updates. You can easily add your top sources of inspiration by added them to then you can view all the latest articles on one page.

Finally, this time I'd like you to share the number 1 thing you learned today by posting in the comments below.