Review your daily score Day 9

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DAY 9 of 30 Little Steps

Review your daily score

About a week ago, I asked you to rate your self once a day on the area you’d like to work on.

Now although I said to rate yourself just once a day, many clients end up scoring themselves a few times a day to start with. This is because they find that when they rate themselves specifically in the moment, rather than on an average, their rating is higher than they expected it to be.

But why does this happen? It seems that when you rate yourself for a specific moment, you are much more objective about your feelings. You’re more likely to step back and look at your situation in a much more realistic rather than emotive way.

So your action today is to let us know, what did you notice about this rating task. Did you have many spikes and dips, or was it much more even? If you did notice a fluctuation, what do you believe caused it, was it a person, an event, or a recalled memory?

Post in the comments, what did you notice about rating yourself?

See you tomorrow!


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