Day 29: Rinse and Repeat

DAY 29 of 30 Little Steps

Rinse and Repeat

Who knew that one of the best pieces of Personal Development advice would come from a bottle of shampoo?!

The idea here is to keep doing what works. It's consistency that matters here. Often I hear the phrase from my client "I used to do X all the time, but I just kind of stopped, I'm not sure why, because it was working!"

Sometimes we stop doing things because they aren't working, but a lot of the time we stop even if they are working, but we get bored with doing the same thing day in day out, and only see a little, or no benefit.

To help you keep consistent, make sure you measure what you are doing, so that over time, no matter how small the daily progress, you can see it much more effectively over time. Also, shake it up a little, add a new twist, ask a friend to join in. Better still post a comment and get ideas on how to liven things up!