Day 11: Taking care of Number 1

DAY 11 of 30 Little Steps

Taking care of Number 1

If you've ever read the emergency instructions on a plane, it tells you to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. The reason for that is pretty obviousreally, if you help yourself you will be more effective in helping others.

All too often Personal Development can be seen asbit of a luxuriousself indulgence. But by developing your own confidence, social skills and working style, you become a better person to help others achieve great things too. Dare I say it, you might even because someone else's role model!

For example, prior to writing this email I stopped for three minutes to do my meditation. I too sometimes struggle to fit this into my day. But today I thought "If I can spend just 3 minutes calming and focusing my mind, not only will that help me, but it will help everyone that reads this email".

Suddenly the power of spending those three minutes just multiplied by every person that goes through this course.

So your action today is to spend 3 minutes just on you. Whether that's meditation, resting, pampering, reading, writing or talking with a loved one. Take 3 minutes, do it now, then click below and post your answer below.

See you tomorrow!‚Äč