Day 15: You don’t know their story

DAY 15 of 30 Little Steps

You don't know their story

One night I was out drinking with a friend of mine. I commented to him on someone that just entered the bar and was dressed rather bizarrely. My friend looked at me and frowned.

"You can't judge him, you don't know his story"

I was taken back by the reprimand my friend had given me but he was right! Now whenever I meet someone that looks a little 'different' or acts a little 'off ' I just think to myself "I don't know your story".

This works particularly well when you're dealing with someone that is being rude or abusive to you. Chances are, it's actually not because of you, but something else has happened that has put them in this frame of mind.

Think of a time when this has happened to you, either when you meet someone that reacted out of character, or maybe it was you!

Post in the comments below and tell me about your own experiences.